How do you choose a contractor, anyway?

If you’ve come to this site, chances are that you’ve got a project in mind.  Maybe you’ve been putting it off for years, and… [I need to know why people decide that now is the time.]  You know it’s more than you can handle yourself, and it’s too complex for a specialist.

You need a general contractor.  But you have no idea where to find one that you can trust.

After all, you’ve heard the horror stories.  You know – or have experienced firsthand – the guys who never pick up the phone, take forever to provide an estimate, and provide a litany of lame excuses as to why they can’t work today.  You’re worried that your house will end up a mess, even in places where work isn’t being done.  You worry that you’ll hire someone who you think is perfect, only for them to tell you halfway through that the job won’t be done for months.

You want to be sure the work isn’t going to fall apart.  Someone who’ll be honest, instead of telling you whatever you want to hear in order to get the job.  Someone who didn’t just throw a bunch of tools in the back of his truck and call himself a contractor.  But where do you find this mythical being?

How about Angie’s List?  That’s a good starting point.  But didn’t you hear somewhere that the highest bidder is the most prominently displayed?

Craigslist?  No thanks. Bluebook? Maybe. The Better Business Bureau listings? Homeadvisor?

The best option is undoubtedly a word-of-mouth recommendation. But if you’ve read this far, asking your friends and family probably didn’t get you anywhere.

All you’re looking for is a contractor with lots of references. Someone who’s done work in your neighborhood. Someone who’s licensed and insured, and whose work comes with a guarantee. Someone who won’t disappear after the job’s finished, but will stay in touch to make sure you continue to be satisfied.

“A one-line customer testimonial would be extremely valuable here.”

For the past 35 years, Bill Lovelace has built his business on treating his customers with respect. We don’t leave customers hanging. We don’t leave a mess. And we don’t disappear, even when the job’s finished. We make sure our work stays done.

We specialize in the weird jobs.

Have you ever had a job so odd, so complex, that you couldn’t find anyone up to the task? One where even the specialists said, “Nope, we can’t do it!”?

What if your front door is a custom-designed, irreplaceable work of art, and you need to move it from one house to another? What if the plumbing in your house is so unusual that you can’t find a single plumber who knows how to work with it? What if the typical, stock bathroom remodel just won’t suit a retirement home, where the risk of slipping and falling is very real? What if your asphalt driveway has grown tiresome, but you can’t find anyone who can do stamped concrete?

That’s what we’re all about. If there’s a problem we haven’t been able to figure out – well, we can’t remember it.

This is where we could use a few more one-line testimonials.